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Monthly Meeting-Thur. May 1

Members Laura and Chuck Burt recently spent three months in South Africa and Madagascar. They had the good fortune to do birding in wetlands, savannah and coastal areas and in the diminishing rain forests of South Africa. Included in their presentation Travel and Birding in South Africa and Madagascar, will be slides of their travel experiences as well as interesting anecdotes and observations of the cultures in those two countries.

Introduction to Birds and Birding Class given Spring 2014

Class starts April 2.

This is a series of four Wednesday evening lectures and four Saturday morning field trips. The lectures, given by Professor Dan Guthrie, will occur on four successive Wednesday nights, will cover the biology migration, taxonomy and identification of local birds. The field trips will occur on four successive Saturday mornings and will visit different bird habitats within 50 miles of Claremont; we will carpool as much as possible.. The fee for the entire course is $45 and includes a year's membership in Pomona Valley Audubon Society. For information please contact Dan Guthrie 909-239-5124

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Mission Statement

The mission of Pomona Valley Audubon Society is to promote the protection, appreciation and enjoyment of birds and other wildlife through recreation, education and conservation of habitat.

Pomona Valley Audubon Society is active in:

providing assistance for bird related questions

supporting our local wildlife rehabilitation center, Wild Wings of California

educating the public about wildlife and habitat

politically representing issues of conservation and environmentalism

having field trips and seeing a lot of birds